DraftKings Promo Code 2016 ?

Starting March 1st 2016 Draftkings  discontinued the use of promo codes. If you see a promo code anywhere on the internet - just ignore it, unfortunately it won't get you anything. The best way to take advantage of Draftking's current promotional offers is to visit DraftKings.com via our exclusive link - no Draftkings promo code needed, just click and join! Every new player will get one free entry  into a paid game with first deposit  -this is 100% free money for you to play with!

     Actually, now is great time to join Draftkings - sign up today and  play EVERY DAY IN AUGUST FOR FREE! That's right - for free! Draftkings knows this is the slow part of the year for fantasy sports so they are offering this unheard of opportunity to all players but only for the month of August. You can win free entries for other "big money" contests, Draftkings "Swag",  "Bucket list" experiences like free tickets for the MLB's World Series  and of course - cold hard cash! This is a special offer and it really doesn't get much better than FREE right:) What are you waiting for - click the link above to join Draftkings now, no Draftkings promo code or other special "requirements" needed, just sign-up and play!
    Another reason to join DraftKings right now - coming up in August is the super popular Fantasy Baseball World Championship with total prize pool of $4 Million and $1 Million top prize. To get in here you will need to play one of the satellite contests where the entry fee are starting at just 25 CENTS ( yes, twenty five american cents) . This is by far the best and cheapest opportunity to win real cash in all of the fantasy sports world - mere 25 cent entry to win $1 000 000! Another huge tournament coming to Draftkings in August is the  Fantasy Golf World Championship with total prizes of $1 Million and top prize of $200 000. And again the entry fees are starting at only 25 cents!
   OK, so after we covered the "big money" games coming in this month lets talk a bit about the one free entry Draftkings offers for new depositors and more specifically - how to spend it. The most popular choice to use Your DraftKings free entry are the MLB's "Moonshot" daily contests or the NASCAR's "Sling Shot". The prize pools for these are usually between $10000 and $100000 and every new depositor gets a shot at these basically for free. Just make an account, make a deposit, no draft kings promo code is necessary or other hoops to jump through,  and get into one of these games for free.
There are a ton of daily game and we literally can't list them all. The fantasy golf is huge, the MLB is huge during the summer, these's also soccer, NASCAR, MMA and now the latest hit - fantasy eSports. Back in the day there used to be a few dozens of games every day but now that DraftKings is so poplar there are thousands! They have a game for every taste and budget - check them up at the link above. There you will also find all the latest DraftKings promo code offers and welcome bonuses.
If You are not familiar with DraftKings and their games - here is a very quick summary who they are and what they have to offer. I'm almost sure this is probably not necessary since they have been around for a while and have been heavily promoted on TV and in the news but still I'm going to mention a few things about them.
DraftKings is a USA based company operating out of Boston, MA that is establishing itself as the leader of fantasy sports. DraftKings is the top  destinations for fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, golf, NASCAR and hockey. There are many choices when it comes to playing fantasy sports but what separates DraftKings from the pack is their huge pool of games each and every day with the highest prizes in the Fantasy Sports industry. There are literally thousands of different contests with entry fees starting at only 25 cents and going all the way up to $10000. And yes, they do offer quite a few of everybody's favorite "freeroll" games which are 100% free.
So what games are out there at  DraftKings.com?
1) Tournaments - this is where you get a chance to win big. The entry fees here are usually low and the prizes are high. During the 2015 football season DraftKings was offering a shot to win $1 Million every week with an entry fee of $20. Now that the fantasy football is on hold for a few more months the biggest prizes are at the fantasy golf contests. They are unfortunately not every week but about every month or so. These "Millionaire Maker" type of contests are quite popular but for what is worth - extremely hard to win. IMO a new player with not a lot of experience and knowledge  is better to start small, learn how to play in the cheaper tournaments with a $1 or 25 cent entry fees and take it from there. As I'm writing this and peaking at the DraftKings website I see about 40 tournaments with a 25 cents entry fee and about 60 with $1. So there are plenty of options for testing different strategies, learning how the games go, the scoring in the different leagues etc etc. There is nothing wrong in starting small for a few bucks and see how it goes. That's where the one free entry thing comes in handy.
2) 50-50's  These type of fantasy games are pretty simple and fun. Here basically the top 50% of the entries will win almost double the buy-in fee. Example - if there are 100 people in a contest and the entry fee is $10  , the top 50 will win $18 ( the $2 difference is the "juice" , the commission DraftKings is getting for hosting the game) 
3) Head-to-head . As you probably guessed already in this type of game you play head to head with another player in a winner takes all format. The entry fees are various from just $1 up to $10000 and there are always a lot of available contest. Also you can easily create your very own one and play against a friend or a stranger if you'd like. 

These are the main and most played contest available, there are also the "multiplier" and "satellites" but the most popular ones are the tournaments. 50/50 and head-to-head. You should really take a close look at each one's rules and scoring before starting playing  and to get yourself familiar with the overall strategy and how to play. 

Finally to make things crystal clean what Draftkings promo offers are for their new players as a welcome bonus, let's do a few Q & A with the most frequent question we get in our email.

Q. So how exactly do I get my Draftkings free entry into a paid game?
    A. It's pretty simple -  visit Draftkings's website here, make an account and after your first deposit the one free entry will be available automatically. That's all it is.

Q. What about all those Draftkings promos and promo codes I used to see on TV all the time?
    A. As we mentioned above, starting March 1st Draftkings discontinued the use of promo codes. You can find a bunch of them on different coupon sites but they won't get you anything extra. Draftkings has promos running all the time but you do not need a promo code to take advantage of them, Just visit the website thou the link up above and see what the current offers are.

Q. What payment sources are acceptable on Draftkings.com ? 
    A. You can use any major credit or debit card like VISA, AmEX, Discover and MasterCard.  PayPal is also accepted  and so are  Visa, MasterCard and AmEx gift cards.

Q. What about withdrawals? 
    A. Login  to your Draftkings account, find the "Withdrawal" button on the left and follow the instruction. Your money will be send to the same card or Paypal you used to make Your deposit and it will be back there available typically within a few business days ( Draftkings' site states it's 2-8 days but it's usually on the lower end of it).

Q. Last but not least - is Draftkings legal?
   A. No way around this question;) It's on everybody's mind lately due to all the press surrounding the legality of the whole fantasy sports industry. We are not a site that gives legal advice so this is a direct quote from Draftkings's website on the matter :
                   " DraftKings operates in compliance with federal law, including a statute called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, which exempts fantasy sports contests from its regulation. State law regarding DFS contests varies by state, and is currently dynamic, with some states expressly regulating DFS contests while others continue to evaluate the legality of DFS contests and potential regulation of the industry."

Basically at the moments  fantasy sports in general and draftkings in particular are 100%  legal in all but 8 states.  There is a whole lot of legislation for and against the daily fantasy sports industry on state level and it's impossible to predict  if that number will stay at 8, increase or decrease. 

And that's about it for now. If we find out anything new about Draftkings, the legal side of things and  their promos and special bonus offers we will update it here accordingly. To check what the current promotions are - click the link up above and check them out.
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